My name is Raphael Gabauer, I am a corporate, portraiture and landscape photographer currently based in Linz, Austria.

In 2013 i started a apprenticeship at EOS-Photography. After finishing the PFSÖ i moved to Vienna to work as an photo assistant and retoucher for well known national and international photographers. From 2017 on I began to pursue my own photography goals and became a full time photographer.

My approach is a synergy of commercial and editorial styles, creating scenarios and providing direction while also letting the best moments unfold naturally.
I'm drawn to moody images with a classic filmic finish.

I am happy to work for a variety of clients, including Advertising Agencies and Magazines.
In my spare time, I am experimenting with fineart print, or work on personal projects and collaborate on exciting commissions.

When I'm not doing photographer related things, I can often be found outdoors going for a hike or riding my old Italian roadbike.
I am always happy for a opportunity to travel somewhere.

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